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Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5

It's time for version five of Internet Explorer. And judging from the pre-release software we've seen, it does make browsing better. Product manager Mike Nichols...

"What we're really focused on with IE 5 is dramatically improving the way that people can work once they're already on the web. Just making it much, much easier to find the information you're looking for. Making it much, much easier to get back to sites that you've been to in the past or to do any kind of common web tasks."
For instance, when you are doing a search, the browser will try to automatically pick the best search engine for the kind of information you're looking for...and it can find related sites as well.Sometimes remembering an exact web address can be difficult. No problem. IE 5 includes auto-search....

"This feature, basically allows users who aren't very comfortable with typing in URLs or aren't aware of URL for that particular site to just type in a friendly name, like for example, Alaska Airlines. Type that in and your browser will automatically take you to the Alaska Airlines site."
Explorer 5 also includes a junk e-mail filter, and a button to link you straight to your favorite streaming audio or video. The download is free at, or you can have a CD mailed to you for 6.95.

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