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Prom goes to pot after brownies lead to limo driver's arrest

WARREN, Mich. - A group of Detroit students were stranded at their high school prom, after their limousine driver was arrested and taken away by police, reports CBS Detroit.

The Berkley High School students were heading to their limo-bus after prom Thursday night when the principal reportedly blocked their way, saying no one was allowed back on the vehicle, and the students needed to call parents for rides home.

A parent of one of the students told CBS Detroit that police had been called earlier in the night to the prom, which was in Warren, Mich., after two students had gotten sick on the bus. Officers arrived on the scene and determined that the pair had consumed brownies baked with marijuana.

Police then investigated further and discovered that the driver was wanted for a probation violation, stemming from a felony assault conviction in Wayne County, Mich.

He was placed under arrest, according to police, and the limo-bus was ordered impounded.

The two students involved were taken to the hospital for observation before being released to their parents. It was unclear whether the students will face any charges.

A school spokesperson confirmed the incident, adding that all students made it home safely from prom.

Truly a night to remember.