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Cops: Mich. police sergeant found wearing slain man's watch

DETROIT, Mich. - Detroit police say a homicide sergeant has been suspended after officials found him with a watch that had been worn by a slain man.

Chief James Craig tells The Detroit News that Sgt. Alex Vinson was in charge of the investigation into the man's death several months ago, and that the victim's belongings included an expensive German-made timepiece.

The watch was photographed and taken as evidence, which was stored in the homicide unit's property room, according to the newspaper, Investigators were unable to develop any suspects and eventually, the case went cold.

Earlier this week, while Vinson was reportedly undergoing advanced police training in Idaho, detectives decided to reopen the case. Wanting to take another look at the victim's belongings, they retrieved the case evidence from the property room and realized something was amiss -- the victim's expensive watch looked different from the one photographed as evidence, and had been replaced with a cheaper model, the chief confirmed to the paper.

Detroit police then contacted the FBI for help recovering the watch -- which Vinson was wearing during the training session.

According to the Detroit News, Vinson returned to Michigan Wednesday and was immediately suspended from his position. Chief Craig said his department is preparing a warrant for review by prosecutors, who will determine what charges Vinson might face.

Meanwhile, the homicide case remains open and the victim hasn't been identified.

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