Michigan man fatally shot during drinking game

In this June 1, 2011 photo, Chris Taketa prepares a drink in the food prep area in the back of Dojo sushi restaurant, in Salt Lake City. Because of Utah liquor laws at restaurants, drinks have to be prepared away from the view of customers. (AP Photo/Jim Urquhart)
Jim Urquhart
Jim Urquhart

(CBS) BATTLE CREEK, Mich.- Nicholas Ullrich, a 34-year-old man from Battle Creek, Mich., was killed  Wednesday night by a single gunshot wound to the head fired by a friend during a drinking game using a loaded revolver, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Police Detective Lt. Austin Simons told the Battle Creek Enquirer that Ullrich was found at a home where he and Samuel Castanier, also 34, were celebrating the birthday of a third man who was present. The men were drinking and playing with a revolver loaded with a single cartridge, according to Simons.

The men believed they were safe by looking at the cylinder before pulling the trigger, but forgot the loaded chamber advances when the trigger is pulled, Simons said.

Castanier remains in custody and faces open murder charges.