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Michelle Obama wants a woman president "as soon as possible"

Michelle Obama wants a woman president "as so... 01:12

The U.S. should elect a woman as president "as soon as possible," first lady Michelle Obama said Monday at the first-ever White House Summit on Working Families.

"I think this country is ready," the first lady in response to a question from ABC's Robin Roberts about when a woman should be elected to the highest office in the country.

Obama didn't call out former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by name, so it was no endorsement - and she also said that qualifications matter more than gender.

"What we have learned is that the person who can do the job doesn't have a particular race or gender or background or socioeconomic status," she said. "The person who should do the job is the person who is the most qualified and I think we have some options, don't we?"

When Roberts followed up to confirm that Obama herself has no plans to get into politics, she said, "I am positive."

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