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Michelle Obama: It's "OK" president is a sex symbol

Asked by Entertainment Tonight about her husband's status as a "sex symbol," first lady Michelle Obama says she understands the attraction.

"He's got a little swag, you know. That's OK," Mrs. Obama said in the Monday interview, conducted at the White House Easter Egg Roll. "I mean, I'm proud of him. He's a stylish, I think, man who is healthy and he's smart and he's passionate and he's inspiring. And who wouldn't fall in love with that, you know? It's OK."

The first lady also spoke about her own style, including her bangs. Mrs. Obama debuted her current haircut on her birthday in January, but she said she's already getting tired of the look.

"It's fun but you know, I'm like a girl, what's next?," she said. "The bangs are a day-by-day proposition. They're starting to grow out, getting a little irritating, but it's OK. It's OK. We'll be good."

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