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Michelle Obama: Iowa Or Bust

We know Iowa is a crucial state but is it the end-all, be-all for Barack Obama's campaign? Campaigning for her husband in Davenport, Iowa yesterday, Michelle Obama tried to impress upon voters just how important the state's caucuses will be for deciding the Democratic nomination. "Iowa will make the difference," she is quoted as saying. "If Barack doesn't win Iowa, it's just a dream, but if we win Iowa, then we can move the world as it should be. And we need your help in making that happen so join me. "

Her comments caused more than a splash when they were first reported a little differently. Apparently, the Quad City Times had earlier cited her words this way: "Iowa will make the difference. If Barack doesn't win Iowa it is over."

There's a difference between "just a dream" and "it's over" but Iowa is shaping up to be perhaps a decisive contest. Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards are waging full-blown campaigns in the state and whoever wins this January will have captured a tremendous amount of momentum heading into the rapid-fire series of primaries to come. It ain't over until it's over but Iowa certainly could be the beginning of a quick end.

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