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Michelle Obama shares relatable text exchange with her mom from Grammys night

Most people know not to hide anything from their mothers — moms always find out. The same goes for Michelle Obama and her mom, Marian Shields Robinson, as the former first lady revealed Wednesday. Mrs. Obama shared a text exchange she had with her mom on Grammys night, when Mrs. Robinson seemed to imply that her daughter never informed her she was going to be at the awards show. 

"I guess you were a hit at the Grammys" the proud mom wrote with an emoji. 

"This text is so typically you," Obama replied. The conversation that followed is what many social media users called a "classic mom text." 

Obama asked her mom if she watched it and Robinson replied: "I saw it because Gracie called me. Did you meet any of the real stars or did you run right after you were done." 

The conversation about how Robinson apparently heard about her daughter's Grammy appearance from someone other than her daughter was highly relatable to many people. Obama insisted she told her mom the news. Robinson insisted right back: "No you did not. I would have remembered that even though I don't remember much."

Obama laughed – in emoji form – at her mom's joke. She thought she told her mom about the Grammys appearance, adding: "And I am a real the way..." in regards to her mom's question about the celebrities she met.

The whole text exchange became more and more relatable as it went on, many people felt. A mom always finds out where her kid has been – and with some slight shade, a mom keeps her kids grounded. 

"Mom's keep you humble," one Instagram user commented. "LOL you were in the most powerful house in the country and she's still like did you meet the real celebrities," another joked.

"Gotta love moms ... [they're] all the same no matter who you are," another Instagram commenter summed up.

In her Instagram post, Obama said she shared the text exchange during her book tour stop in Phoenix. The former first lady is currently touring the country to talk about her best-selling memoir, "Becoming."