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Michelle Obama: A First Lady Fashionista

Change is definitely coming to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., as our next first lady, Michelle Obama, is bringing a new sense of style to the White House.

Obama follows in the fashion footsteps of first ladies like Jackie Kennedy, who was known for her sophistication and elegance.

Even while on a mission on the campaign trail, Obama turned a lot of heads with her outfits, and some say she saved the best for last.

National Correspondent for InStyle Magazine Katrina Szish talked to Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez to discuss the fashion forward changes that will be brought to the White House.

"We haven't been this excited about a First Lady's contribution to American legends of design for quite a long time, since Nancy Reagan or as you mentioned, Jackie Kennedy," Szish said.

Obama's wardrobe caused quite the buzz when she wore a $149 black and white floral dress on "The View."

"This white house black market dress made a huge splash and sold out within 24 hours of Michelle wearing it on 'The View, '" Szish said. "People loved it because it was so affordable. She got it right off the rack and it really made a huge stir. This dress made people think 'I can identify with this woman.' She also added a pin to make it special to make it her own and florals is one of her signatures."

She also added a pin to her turquoise dress at the Democratic National Convention.

"One of Michelle's favorite designers is Maria Pinto, a Chicago-based designer. She wore this very dress in turquoise and added an Erikson Beamon pin. It's a very fashion forward jewelry label. It shows that she is not afraid to take risks. She loves dresses as well. Especially ones that show off her figure," Szish said.

"That says confidence to me," Rodriguez added.

"It sure does and it's so exciting to see someone who is not afraid to be a woman in the White House," Szish said.

It's looking like brooches, pins and down-to-earth affordable pieces will be Obama's signature.

She showed off her fashionable pins on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and an affordable J.Crew outfit that she ordered online and wore on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

"She is really adding a statement jewelry piece to everything she wears," Szish said. "But what makes Michelle very interesting is she will wear something like J.Crew that everybody can wear, but she will also wear custom designed pieces. We saw her wear that great Narciso Rodriguez dress on Tuesday night. She is wearing a one-of-a-kind dress by making it modern and high and low."

She even threw on a black cardigan over her Narciso Rodriguez dress as her husband became president-elect of the United States, making the look more "approachable."

When many think of first ladies, pearls and Barbara Bush come to mind, but Obama is staying away from that look over time.

In the beginning of the campaign, Obama first donned more "Wilma Flintstone"-type pearls.

"When we first met her she was coming into her own in terms of style so she did borrow some characteristics from Jackie Kennedy. She has since embraced her own style so I think we'll see less pearls," Szish said.

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