Michael Lohan on Lindsay: 'She's Out of Control'

Lindsay Lohan was arrested early Thursday morning in New York City following a physical altercation with another woman and we spoke with her father Michael about the latest incident, which he said could have been avoided.  

Michael Lohan told The Insider in an interview Tuesday that the arrest would not have happened if Dina Lohan had participated in his attempted intervention last month. "I said this is only going to get worse, just mark my words, something else is going to happen," Michael said he told Dina while urging action. 

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Michael said that over the last few weeks he reached out to Dina to "put their differences aside" in an attempt to provide stability for Lindsay. He even claims he told Dina he was "willing to write any check you want to put this in the right place." Dina spoke exclusively to ET after Lindsay's arrest and criticized her ex-husband for rushing to the media instead of trying to resolve Lindsay's issues privately.

Michael said that his first reaction to the latest arrest was "Here we go again -- and I was just hoping she was okay." He said he was told of the incident by a friend of Lindsay's. "From what I've been told is that Lindsay had a confrontation with a girl who became a little bit more obsessed than she should have been," he said. "I don't know who pushed or hit who first, but they got into a physical confrontation."

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Despite Lindsay's claims post-rehab that she was sober, Michael said he believes she is currently using alcohol and other substances. "She's got to get into treatment immediately. The drinking is out of control, it's literally out of control." He added: "And if anybody wants to deny that they're out of their minds. But I'm not going to be held accountable if this poor kid suffers any kind of demise or... I don't even want to go there."

Michael went further to speculate about three specific substances he believes Lindsay is abusing. "I believe it's alcohol, cocaine, and then taking pills to go to sleep -- and I've heard that from a lot of people around her.

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While he said he also blames himself and his divorce for the some of the problems Lindsay is having, he adds that his ex-wife deserves most of the blame. "Do I blame Dina now? 100 percent. If anything happens to our daughter, she (Dina) is largely responsible for it because she doesn't want to get on the same page and both of us be there to not only help our daughter, but be there for her." 

Lindsay was released from jail this morning with a desk appearance ticket for third degree assault charges, per WABC News.