Michael Lohan Brings Cops to Lindsay Lohan's LA Apartment, Say Reports

Screenshot of Lindsay Lohan's Twitter Page
Screenshot of Lindsay Lohan's Twitter Page

NEW YORK (CBS) Actress Lindsay Lohan is furious that her father, Michael Lohan, showed up unannounced with police at her LA apartment. Michael Lohan claimed the star is dangerous and that he is worried about the well-being of his other daughter Ali.

According to The Sun, Michael Lohan said Lindsay Lohan is in "life-threatening danger" because of her alleged addiction to painkillers, and so showed up to have a police-monitored intervention with his daughter.

He claims he begged Lindsay's sister Ali to return home. According to The Sun he said, "Ali is being exposed to nightlife and the people Lindsay surrounds herself with. Ali is just 16. Lindsay is not in the right frame of mind to deal with Ali."

Lindsay Lohan retaliated against her father on her Twitter page, making statements such as: "the police had NO probable cause breaking and entering into my home which is the only place i find privacy.. this is MY personal space."

Then she went off about how her father has humiliated her and her sister and threatened to kidnap her when she was younger. She wrote, "Ali IS IN SCHOOL! It's called HOME SCHOOL! IT'S NOT EASY in public school when YOU are PUBLICLY humiliating your OWN CHILDREN AND MOTHER OF THEM!! nor was it for me and Michael when our father threatened to kidnap and kill us IN FRONT of our friends! the only one in need of police protection here is ME AND ALI from our pathological, lying ex-father!"