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Michael Jordan History On Sale

The Utah Jazz basketball court on which Michael Jordan played his last NBA game can be purchased by the public in October.

The floorboards and baskets where Jordan made a last-second shot to clinch the 1998 championship for the Chicago Bulls will be offered at an auction conducted by 29-year-old memorabilia mogul Michael D. Barnes, president of St. Louis-based Collectors Universe One-Of-A-Kind, Inc.

Earlier this year, Barnes negotiated the $3 million sale of Mark McGwire's historic 70th home run baseball, and recently announced a $100,000 cash advance for rights to sell at auction McGwire's 500th career home run ball.

"The most famous basketball court of the century will be divided into sections and offered for sale in the One-Of-A-Kind auction to be conducted October 13 and 14," said Barnes. "I believe this basketball court will be one of the most expensive sports memorabilia items ever sold."

The court and baskets were purchased by sports agent Dwight Manley and consigned to the October sale.

Portions of the basketball court will be displayed at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, July 22-24.

Last month, Barnes announced that he will pay an immediate $100,000 cash advance to the lucky fan who catches McGwire's 500th career home run if the ball is consigned to the October auction. The $100,000 would be an initial payment with the consignor promptly receiving a substantially higher total amount based on the eventual sale price of the ball.

For information about the auction, contact Collectors Universe One-Of-A-Kind.

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