Michael Brewer, Boy Burned by Bullies, Gets New Skin Graft

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Photo: Michael Brewer.

MIAMI (CBS/AP) Fifteen-year-old Michael Brewer, the Deerfield Beach teen doused with rubbing alcohol and set on fire by a group of his peers, has received his second skin graft.

A Jackson Memorial Hospital spokeswoman said Brewer was listed in stable condition after the Dec. 4 procedure. The first graft was Monday.

The attack occurred Oct. 12 and caused burns on about 65 percent of Brewer's body.

Photo: Michael Brewer.

Three other teenagers are being held without bail on attempted murder charges. Matthew Bent, 15, is accused of directing the attack. Denver Colorado (D.C.) Jarvis, is accused of pouring rubbing alcohol on Brewer. And Jesus Mendez, 16, is accused of lighting the fire, injuring himself in the process.

Two others were arrested shortly after the attack and later released.

The teens are set to appear again in Broward County court on Jan. 15.

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