Meyer's Inbox: On Rev. Pat

Pat Robertson, Christian Coalition president and founder and television evangelist. 1997/9/12
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God, Judges & Reverend Pat
No waffling here. This column stirred up some rather passionate responses on both sides of the issue from our readers. Pat Robertson seems to have a somewhat polarizing personality. And one reader wishes I had never been born.
"Rev. Robertson's God doesn't want to destroy America, but Robertson seems to have no doubts that unless He is appeased, al Qaeda and 9/11 will be small potatoes.

I'd like to know what the victims of 9/11 and al Qaeda think about that."

It doesn't matter what the victims of 9/11 think about it. It's the Biblical truth. Pat Robertson is correct. 9/11 was a wake-up call. Think about it: America is the most powerful nation in the world. When the most powerful nation in the world starts deviating from God's will (abortion, homosexual marriage, etc.), God can and will correct us. This is the absolute truth. I'm sorry if this offends you.
Michael Garcia

I agree with Rev. Robertson's evaluation of al Qaeda. I agree whole-heartedly with his remarks about the courts in the US.

It is time for the Judges in this country to learn that they only have one duty and that is to help enforce the law of the land and not try to make laws. We have a Congress and an executive branch to make laws. It is time for the Congress and the President to start making the checks and balances work.
David Gilliam

Mr. Meyer, with all due respect, I agree with the Reverend Pat Robertson. I'm 35 years old and every day I listen to the national news, my American dream to have a family slides towards a nightmare. Why would I want to subject my loved ones to a life where they have no rights to pray, read the Bible, protect life, and most importantly love and worship God openly? Morality and religious freedom must be restored in America. In addition to al Qaeda, there are many other terrorists living in America that were born and raised here. As citizens, we can protect ourselves against all of these terrorists. Liberal judges, on the other hand, have the law wrapped around their fingers and we cannot as easily protect ourselves from the consequences of their judgments. Personally, I have experienced some of the changes that have taken place and feel quite sad.

I read your column, "God, Judges & Reverend Pat" with interest. I think you're missing something pretty important in your end-line. The key question isn't "what the victims of 911 and al Qaeda think about that." You've missed the point almost entirely. The question should be, "what do the perpetrators of 911 and al Qaeda think about that." I think they would substantially agree with the Rev. This "wrath of God" stuff didn't originate with Pat. It runs all through all three of the major religions that came out of the Middle East. You can't help the situation by sneering at these kinds of beliefs. THAT kind of arrogance helped get us into this situation in the first place. On reflection, I think that's sort of what the Rev. was trying to say (in his own goofy way). If you really think that conservative preachers like Pat don't bleed for 911 victims, you're not looking deep enough.
John Oback

Obviously, you oppose Robertson's views. Obviously, you are not religious (Christian is the term, as Robertson comes from a Christian standpoint) and are not a student of the Bible. That is where Robertson comes from. Not from a place of self righteous superiority as you would have it, in order to blast it. Self righteous is a necessary term of inference be able to destroy his statements. Were it string theory, would you be so easily able to poo poo it?

He quotes Biblically. He doesn't say "I" think this and believe that from his own thoughts. His statements are Bible based.

He pursues his beliefs. Not bending with or following the popular. How many of us would not be here now had abortion been legalized many years earlier.

Hmmm... on second thought, with a little luck, you would be one of the "fetuses" that ended up in a trash can.

Have a nice day.
Bob Kerwin

Let's see; 100 years ago children were forced to work in factories, many of them crippled, or with permanently ruined health before they were twenty years old. Slaughterhouses regularly processed and distributed tuberculosis infected beef, because there was no regulation, the elderly often starved and died agonizing deaths because there was no Social Security, African Americans were open game for hate groups lynching and torture, the poor were imprisoned for simply being poor, and it does not take much imagination to reflect on the position of women back then. But by God we were a religious nation, If Mr. Robertson gets his way-this is the way we will be headed back to.
W.B. McWilliams

The right-wingers won't stop until they force a national religion upon us, like it or not. It is anathema to them that some Americans might chose to be Jewish, some to be Catholics and others might chose to honor none of the mainstream religions at all. As for the intent of the founding fathers: they were a bunch of slave-holding, women-degrading, immigrant-hating guys who did the best they could with their limited intellects. We are lucky they left the constitution open to changes, because we've had to make 'em lots of times in the past 200 years. The right is wrong.
Michael T. Heath

Does it ever occur to these self-perceived righteous people that many of their ancestors sacrificed much to come to this wonderful country to get away from just such governments (as they espouse), based on religious bigotry? A God who discriminates based on man-created labels, is at best, a flawed guide to justice and goodness.
Maysa Graham

So we won in Iraq, eh Pat? The tacit acceptance of this man's lunatic positions by, virtually the entire GOP, is very disturbing. But this sad, hate-filled man's quest for a 'Christian' theocracy is extremely dangerous. For him to quote Thomas Jefferson is insulting, and akin to Saddam Hussein quoting Gandhi!
Joe Huebner

I see no difference in Pat Robertson and the Taliban. They want society to move back hundreds of years to the days of a flat Earth, mandatory religious indoctrination, stoning of heretics, black magic, burning of witches at the stake, and holy wars. Are we finally seeing a great failure in American education system manifest itself?