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Methodist minister in trouble for officiating son's same-sex wedding

Rev. Frank Schaefer, who is in trouble for officiating his son's wedding to another man.

LEBANON, Pa. Officiating his son's marriage to another man has landed a Pennsylvania United Methodist minister in hot water with the clergy.

As reported by CBS affiliate WHP Harrisburg's Pat Beauvais, Rev. Frank Schaefer said he faces a trial on November 18 for breaking the rules set out in the Methodist "Book of Discipline." He could possibly lose his church.

"It was done 300 miles away in the state of Massachusetts," he said.

But Schaefer is getting support. About 30 other United Methodist ministers will oversee another same-sex marriage prior to Schaefer's upcoming trial.

"We need to look at the context, we need to look at all of scripture," said Shelly Sterner, a former local minister and supporter of Schaefer.

Meanwhile, Schaefer, who supported his son's decision to come out, said that things do change. "This issue will be seen along the same lines of slavery, civil rights, women in the clergy."

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