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Message To Michael

Jermaine Jackson lives in the mansion his parents bought when the Jackson Five shot to fame.

And even after Michael began to stand out, reports The Early Show's National Correspondent Hattie Kauffman, it appears Michael was still star-struck, since he hung numerous photos around the house of himself with the rich and famous.

Among them: Paul McCartney, Liz Taylor, Barbra Streisand and Muhammad Ali.

These days, though, members of the next generation of Jacksons also call the mansion home, and four of Michael's nephews and a niece granted Kauffman an exclusive two-part interview.

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Genevieve Jackson, 14, says she wants to be a singer. And nephews Jaafar, 8, and Jermajesty, 4, showed off their dancing skills for Kauffman. The mansion has its own stage, with seating for an audience.

"That's what it's about, the music," Jermaine told Kauffman. "We're a musical family. It's not about all this craziness."

By craziness, he means the child molestation charges against Michael.

The family members all wore white at his last court appearance. "We feel that it represents peace," Jermaine explained, "and we know that we're a peaceful family. It was (Michael and Jermaine's sisters) Latoya and Janet's idea."

"After the last court appearance," Kauffman queried, "Michael's attorney came out and said he wishes he hadn't paid previous settlements. And he said settlements with an 'S,' which is plural, which was the first time it was in the news. …Were other settlements?"

"I don't really (stammers) know what, what he meant by, by other settlements," Jermaine responded. "But during that time, there was so much going on. …My mother was ill. Michael was on tour, Janet was on a tour, and sometimes you just wanted to say, 'Listen, this is what you want, so take it. You want money? Take it.'"

"Michael is strong, because he has a strong family behind him," Jermaine went on, "but at the same time … if someone molested your child, are you going to take money for it?

"I'm very happy today that he's fighting. And he's not fighting alone, he's fighting with us."

Michael's nephews and niece know the accusations are serious. And even the mansion's high walls can't protect them from the taunts of classmates.

"We don't listen to what they say, 'cause what they say, they don't understand anything," Donte, 12, remarks. "So we just ignore what they have to say."

"They only think that what the media says is true, but, we know the truth," asserts Randy, also 12.

Asked if they watch any of the coverage of the case, Donte says, "We try not to, but it's everywhere, so you have to see it. But we try not to, as much as we can."

"It hurt us … when they were putting him in handcuffs," Genevieve says. "That really hurt our feelings.

"And they called him Wacko," Donte points out.

"It gets tough," Jermaine says. "They know the whole thing now. They know why the helicopters are flying over, they know why they're being teased at school.

Genevieve and Donte told Kauffman they're looking forward to the case ending so their uncle will be left alone.

Until now, Michael's nephews an niece hadn't spoken on the record. Kauffman asked Jermaine why he wanted America to see the kids. "I felt that it was important to show the public that, we have children. We are just like any other family.

"(Michael) has nothing to do with this (the Kauffman interview). Not at all. He doesn't even know this is going on.

"But he's going to be very happy, he's going to be very excited, 'cause we haven't told him anything."

The kids have a message for Michael: "Uncle Michael, we love you. We support you all the way. Just always know that we're all here for you," says Genevieve, speaking for them all.

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