Do things really go wrong when Mercury is in retrograde?

What Mercury in retrograde means and how it w... 02:47

A celestial event is getting a lot of attention and many are blaming it for everything that is going wrong.

Mercury is in retrograde four times this year and is associated with "uncertainty, confusion and doubt." CBS News science and futurist contributor Michio Kaku explained whether science really backs up the myth.

"The planets move slowly across the night sky but then they suddenly stop, go backwards, loop around and then go forward again. That mystified the ancients -- 'Why do the planets do that?'" Kaku told "CBS This Morning" Friday.

While Kaku joked that people should refrain from getting married or starting a business during these times, he clarified that "stuff goes wrong all the time."

"It's just that we remember it during the Mercury Retrograde," Kaku said. "You only remember the hits, you don't remember the misses."