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Men's Hats Are Back

Men's hats are cool again!

Stars such as Brad Pitt, Jamie Fox, and Zak Efron love their hats, and wear them proudly.

On The Early Show Tuesday, GQ Style Editor Adam Rapoport looked at what's hot in men's hats, and shared buying tips.


This is a fantastic all purpose hat -- mostly when it has a moderate brim -can be worn from day to evening
It looks good on men of all ages and sizes
More color makes it appealing to a younger and more mature man
Most guys recognize this is the most gentleman like hat - think of Frank Sinatra
This, pork pie, and trilby are all hand blocked hats. They are made on a form. They are baked and stiff, high quality
Straw can be used during the summer and velvet during the winter
This could look good on a broader wide face
- Borsalino - $350
- Stetson - $250
- Goorin - $190
- Paul Stuart (grey) - $150
- Paul Stuart (olive) - $147.50
- Bailey - $130
- H&M - $14.90
Straw Hats:
- Stetson - $115
- Biltmore - $85
- Stefeno - $60
- Bailey (x2) - $45


It differs from Trilby and fedora, it has a flat top and. A short brim. The flat crown makes this very unique.
This hat is a bit trendier and worn by many Hollywood stars, but made famous way back by Gene Hackman
Looks best on a round, compact face.

Pork pies:
- Stetson (black) - $250
- Stetson (brown) - $200
- Bailey - $140
- Stefeno - $125


Like a fedora but with a smaller. And softer shorter brim - 'stingier' brim
Can be worn from day to evening.
Has seasonality: felt in the winter and straw for the summer
Extremely trendy and available at all price points, H and M sells a version for $14.90
The younger cooler guys fancy this hat -- like Justin Timberlake
This has classic bones - guys that are hipper younger, have musician look
This is a smaller hat and would probably look best for a small face


Unstructured hats are a more relaxed than structured hats -- less CEO and more artist
Great price point
This is more like an English driving cap - that is something you can throw on your bag;.more relaxed with some personality.
Cool throwback hat; old New York working man guy; this is the keeping it real and keeping it stylish hat
This really fits everyone; before there was a baseball cap, now people opt for a newsboy cap like Brad Pitt
Driving Caps -
- Paul Stuart (x3) - $128.50
- Stetson - $125
- Borsalino - $85


There's no need to walk around in basic ski hat or baseball caps, there are more stylish alternatives.
Striped knit cap gives new life to keeping your ears warm in all price points; soft hunting cap is very trendy this season. It adds a new dimension to the knit cap with its small brim. It comes in both wool and cashmere
Faux fur trapper hat takes a little more confidence to wear but it will keep you warm and looking great.
East Cost hunting look is very in now -- black skin
Knit Caps:
- Paul Stuart (x3) - $167.50
- Stetson - $125
- Steven Alan - $98
- Gap (x2) - $19.50


Walking/Rex Hats -
- Paul Stuart - $128.50
- Borsalino - $135
- Ben Sherman - $60
- Stetson - $55

Trappers -
- Gap - $29.50
- Paul Stuart (black) - $128.50
- Paul Stuart (brown) - $387
- Stetson - $1125

Engineer Hats -
- Banana Republic (suede) - $69
- Banana Republic (brown knit) - $59
- Banana Republic (grey knit) - $49
- Gap (x2) - $19.50
- H&M - $12.90


Adam says it's not just what you buy, but is about the way you wear your hat!

If you wear a fedora straight on you head, it looks more professional. If you tilt it to the side, then you look more hip and cool. You want to make sure you have a little flare. Adam has a big head; he likes to tilt fedoras and other kinds of hats back on his head.

When you buy a hat, it's important to go to a good hat store, where someone should really fit your shape of face with your personality and wardrobe. What's cool about hats is that they instantly give you personality. They're a crowning touch, literally and figuratively. A hat in itself is a statement. You don't need a wild and wacky hat. You should start off with the understated -- blacks or the greys if you're not used to wearing a hat and trying to get used to it.

People get confused and they over-think hats, and try to pair the outfit perfectly. You can wear the same fedora to work as you do with a leather jacket -- it's all about the way you tip it! It's versatile. You can wear the same hat off an on the clock.

Back in the day, gentleman would always take their hats off. But etiquette changes. These days, you can wear a hat indoors, but GQ's editors think men should still take their hats off before entering.

There are so many fashion labels that make hats now; they make cool versions -- Urban Outfitters and H & M, among them. If you're going to wear a lot then, it's a good idea to go to hat store.

Eventually, everything comes back into style. Hats have taken fashion by storm the past few yeas. So much of men's style is being dictated by the "mad men's look": skinny tie, suit, white cotton oxford, wing tips, very New York circa 1959.

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