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Mending a Relationship Hurt by Jealousy

Has jealousy gotten the best of you in your marriage or relationship?

"The Early Show" took a look at a new survey on jealousy -- and the results may shock you.

The survey showe jealousy may play a bigger role in your marriage than most are willing to admit.

Meg Brady and Jeff Ragsdale are an engaged couple who say jealousy is destroying their relationship.

Sex and relationship expert Ian Kerner and Woman's Day magazine's Health Director, Amy Brightfield, joined Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez to take a closer look at jealousy within marriages and relationships.

The survey's results showed:

• 44 percent of wives admit trust issues negatively impacted their marriage
• 77 percent of wives jealous if husband has a close female friend
• 53 percent of wives secretly check their husband's phone messages and emails
• 53 percent of wives flirt to make their husbands jealous

Listen to what the experts had to say:

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