Men pulled AK-47 over chicken order mixup, Memphis police say

Antonius Hart Sr., left, and Antonius Hart Jr.

(CBS/AP) MEMPHIS - Police have arrested a Memphis man and his son after the father allegedly brandished an AK-47 at a fast-food restaurant when their order got messed up.

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The Commercial Appeal reported that the incident happened on April 11 at Pirtle's Chicken in Memphis. Police say the men - 45-year-old Antonius Hart Sr. and 19-year-old Antonius Hart Jr. - placed an order and drove off with it but returned complaining that they didn't get all the chicken they ordered.

The cashier said he would replace the missing pieces. Police say the men then demanded more chicken because they had to drive back to the restaurant. That's when police say Antonius Hart Sr. showed the cashier his weapon and ta restaurant worker called 911.

The father is charged with aggravated assault and the son with facilitation of a felony.

According to CBS affiliate WREG, the duo didn't wind up eating chicken that night. The jail was reportedly serving Sloppy Joe's and carrots.