Men in Amish beard-cutting attacks to be held in jail without bail

The Mullen suspects

(CBS/WKBN/AP) YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - Four members of a breakaway Amish group charged in hair-cutting attacks have been ordered to remain in jail.

Pictures: Amish beard-cutters

CBS affiliate WKBN reports Samuel Mullet Sr. and his children Johnny, Daniel and Lester Mullet made their initial appearance in Federal Court on Wednesday. 

A federal magistrate in Ohio has called the four men "a danger to the Amish community," and ordered them held without bail while they await trial.

Three other members of the same breakaway group are due in court for a similar hearing on Friday.

The seven men are charged with conspiracy to commit hate crimes. Authorities say they forcibly cut the beards and hair of Amish men and women and took photos in four separate attacks on three dates between September to November of 2011. The Amish community believes the Bible instructs women to grow hair long and men to stop shaving after they marry.

The charges carry a penalty of up to 10 years in prison.