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Men And Malls Don't Mix

It is the Christmas shopping season. Stores and malls are jammed. Holiday shopping in America is part revel part hassle and sometimes something like mortal combat.

And is it just our imagination or do women enjoy all of this more than men?

What is bliss for women is something else entirely for men.

A British shopping center commissioned a study to determine why men are such reluctant shoppers. The answer is stress.

The study found the stress levels of many men shoot of the chart when it comes to entering a crowded store. For some the stress was equivalent to a fighter pilot in battle or a police officer in a dangerous situation.

The study also found that women who shop with their husbands are not doing them any favors.

One man said he doesn't enjoy shopping with his wife "because she'll look at everything and she'll look at five items. Put it on take it off. And she never makes up her mind."

The Brits also said put a man in a store packed with shoppers and he'll grab the first item he sees. Buy it and be done with it. Husbands, fathers, brothers...uncles, the reason that you wait until Christmas Eve to shop is not your fault. It seems its in the genes.

Reported By Harry Smith

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