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Members of Militant Islamist Internet Forums React to Obama Election

The election of Democratic Nominee Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States triggered mixed reactions amongst members of militant Islamist Internet forums.

Some saw Obama's victory as a triumph for al Qaeda's leader Osama bin Laden, with one member even claiming al Qaeda played a role in the elections. "America has elected Obama because al Qaeda decided so, the same way they elected Bush in 2004, also because al Qaeda had decided so," said "Al Hakim" in a posting on al Hesbah forum.

Others expressed scepticism about Obama being able to bring about the change he proclaimed. "Don't get too excited. Obama is nothing but the 'black gloves' that the Americans will use to strike against Muslims," said one member who goes by the name "Nasr al Islam."

One member who uses the name "The Supporters of God" predicted that Obama's victory will make it possible for militant groups to declare a truce with the U.S. "Now that Obama has won the vote, I think it's time to declare a truce with the Romans in the United States after they've lost their war on Islam. God willing, the leaders of the victorious bloc shall now order the renewal of the truce."

Al Qaeda organization has not issued any official statements so far to comment on the elections. Senior al Qaeda leader Abu Yahya al Libi had referred to "the defeat of Bush and his party" in a video recorded in early October. In 2004, Bin Laden issued a video addressed to the American people days before the elections and said it doesn't make a difference who they elect.

There are however expectations and wishes amongst supporters that the terror organization would issue a statement soon. "Saqr Baz" said bin Laden should now issue a statement. "Abu Anas al-Shami" said he believes "Bin Laden or Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman (the blind sheikh who is jailed in the U.S.) will come out to renew their call for a truce provided the Americans withdraw from Muslim lands, thus paving the way for the establishment of the Caliphate."

Obama's victory is also dominating the discussions in "Ansar al Mujahideen" room on Paltalk. Here, participants seemed a bit disappointed. They feel Obama is a smarter guy than McCain, and therefore wished if the latter had emerged victorious in the race to the White House for the interest of militant groups. They also feel that Obama isn't left with that many options, as they believe an American withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq is inevitable.

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