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Members of Jihadi Forums Intrigued by Al Baghdadi's Confessions' Tape

Members of militant Islamist Internet forums were ntrigued by the video showing the confessions of the alleged al Qaeda-led Islamic State of Iraq leader Abu Omar al Baghdadi, which was released by the Iraqi police on Monday, despite strong indications that the captured man was not Baghdadi.

"Why is the Iraqi government still lying about this? " exclaimed one member using the name "Erhabi 12800." I feel there might well be a plot here, he added."

Other members shared Erhabi's view and many thought that this could only be an attempt by the Iraqi security apparatus to get al Baghdadi, who never appeared in any videos, to show his face.

The Iraqi military spokesman General Qassim Atta had announced earlier this month that his forces have arrested the Islamic State of Iraq's leader in Rasafa. But Last week, an audiotape from al Baghdadi was released online, where he denied reports about his arrest reports. Despite the denial, the Iraqi military insisted that the man they arrested, Ahmed Abd Ahmed Khamis, was indeed al Baghdadi.

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