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Members of Jihadi Forums Discuss Joining Militants in Somalia

"A Golden chance to Join Jihad in Somalia" was the title of a message launched today on al Falojah forums by a member with the username "Abo Dojana."

Abo Dojana invited those who want to participate in "jihad" to join the militants in Somalia to form what he called "a base of martyrdom-seekers who would from there spread to the entire world."

The posting attracted a lot of other members who gave their views on the issue. "Somalia could actually be an ideal base for physical and weapons training…and from there one could join the brothers in the liberation of Mogadishu and from there move on to other Jihadi fronts," said one member with the username Abdel Kafi.

"God help me for I am certain that this is the ideal alternative front to Afghanistan in producing terrorism and exporting it to the entire world," said another.

Other members went on to discuss practical details, including how to get there. They were directed towards a militant Islamist website run by foreign jihadis in Somalia, where they were told they would find helpful information.