Melissa Leo brings Oscars to New York crowds

Oscar winner Melissa Leo was on hand at New York's Grand Central Station for a special unveiling of the Best Actor and Best Actress statues which will be given out at the 84th annual Academy Awards. Leo speaks to's Ken Lombardi about the statues on display until Saturday.

(CBS) Before they are given out to their respective winners on Sunday, this year's Best Actor and Best Actress Oscar statuettes will be on display for the public at Vanderbilt Hall inside New York's Grand Central Terminal.

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Melissa Leo, who nabbed the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award at last year's ceremony for her performance in "The Fighter" (and infamously dropped an F-bomb during her acceptance speech), spoke to Wednesday  morning at the display's unveiling. She said that it felt almost like a blur the first time she held the coveted statuette.

"It was just that my breath was so taken away," Leo said.  "But I don't remember holding anything in my hand. Not even a feather. So I guess I wasn't really home when the moment happened."

The 51-year-old actress, who also stars on the small screen on the HBO series "Treme," is herself a member of the voting Academy and has already cast her ballot for this year's winners, although she refused to divulge  her picks.

"It was a very hard choice for me to make this year," Leo told us. "As I was marking down my choice for number one, I would think, 'Oh, I hope lots of people vote for that one, too.'"

And despite her expletive slip-up during the 2011 show, the actress has been invited to appear at this year's ceremony as a presenter for Best Supporting Actor.

You  can see Leo and the rest of the stars at the 84th annual Academy Awards on Feb. 26 on ABC and return here  Sunday night  for backstage stories  and   photos.

To hear more about what the actress felt like while accepting her Academy Award, check out our interview with Leo by watching the video at the top of this story.

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