Melissa Etheridge slams Angelina Jolie, defends Brad Pitt

Singer Melissa Etheridge performs onstage at Family Equality Council’s annual Los Angeles awards dinner at The Globe Theatre on February 8, 2014 in Universal City, California.

Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Family Equality

It’s pretty clear singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge is not an Angelina Jolie fan -- not at all. 

Etheridge spoke out and had some pretty harsh words for Jolie in an interview on Monday. She spoke with Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM show and defended her friend, Brad Pitt, while they discussed his divorce from Jolie. 

“Completely unfounded. Really heartbreaking to see that,” Etheridge said of the child abuse accusations lobbed against Pitt. Etheridge and Cohen believe Jolie has provided TMZ with information about the divorce. 

The singer said of Jolie’s alleged PR strategy, “It breaks my heart that anyone would take something as personal as your marriage and your relationship and your rights to your children and do it as purposefully as I see it’s being done.” 

She also said that while she and Pitt used to be friends, she hasn’t spoken to him since he got together with Jolie. 

Etheridge added that she has had distaste for Jolie since she dated Billy Bob Thornton. 

“I was around when Angelina was not doing nice things with Billy Bob to Laura Dern. I went through that on a personal level, and then to know the side of Jennifer and Brad  ... ” she said. “I helped Laura move out of her house with Billy Bob — I like broke into their home to get their stuff out because it was so nasty.”

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