Melissa Etheridge says she smokes weed with her kids

Melissa Etheridge enjoys smoking marijuana with her children.

The “Come to My Window” singer revealed that she has shared the drug with her adult children -- 18-year-old Beckett and 20-year-old Bailey, whom she shares with ex Julie Cypher. Etheridge also shares 10-year-old twins with ex Tammy Lynn Michaels.

“I was strange. It was funny at first, and then they realized it’s very natural [at the] end of the day,” Etheridge told Yahoo News. “It brings you much closer. I’d much rather have a smoke with my grown kids than a drink.”

Etheridge said that she’s been smoking marijuana recreationally since she was 21, but she also began using it medicinally when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, explaining that her doctors had recommended “five, six pharmaceuticals” while she was undergoing chemotherapy, but she decided, “I’m going to go with this one plant that [the] side effect is euphoria. I think I’m OK with that when I’m on chemo.”

Now cancer-free, Etheridge said that marijuana is a regular part of her life with wife Linda Wallem. 

“Cannabis is a part of my life,” she said. “When the family’s there, once everybody gets to sleep, it’s our time. It’s mama time ... We take a bath every night and smoke, talk, wind down and sleep a very, very good night’s sleep.”