Melanie Parada Missing: 8-Year-Old Daughter Left Behind

Melanie Prada
Melanie Prada (Credit: Personal Photo)

FT. LAUDERDALE (CBS) A woman who has reportedly disappeared before is missing again, leaving her 8-year-old daughter without her mother, reported CBS affiliate WFOR-TV.

Last Friday, Melanie Parada's daughter woke up to find her mother gone. The girl told police she last saw her mother before she went to bed in their upscale Isle of Venice home Thursday night, said the station.

Family members reported her missing on Sunday after hoping she would show up.

Rick Schluederberg, who manages the building were Parada lives, said Parada has disappeared before but never for this long, reports WFOR.

Parada is 5'3'' and 115 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is described as petite.

WFOR says the woman was scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday for a hearing regarding a restraining order against a man named William Panero. The missing mother claims to be a victim of repeated domestic violence by Panero.

Any information about where Parada may be please contact Ft. Lauderdale Police at (954) 828-5700.