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Trump touts wife Melania's role in 2005 Aflac television commercial

Melania Trump Aflac

President Trump touted first lady Melania Trump's role in a television commercial during a meeting with American workers at the White House Wednesday. Melania Trump starred as a "lovely woman" undergoing a brain transplant with insurance giant Aflac's mascot in a mad scientist's experiment.

The president brought up the comerical after Aflac employee Michael Porter from Georgia gave Mr. Trump a pair of socks emblazoned with colorful vignettes of the Aflac Duck. 

"Oh good. Your chairman [Dan Amos] I know very well, and he's done a fantastic job," Trump said. "They actually a long time ago hired my wife to do a big commercial."

"You know that right?" he said. "An Aflac commercial and I think it was a successful commercial too."

Aflac - Experiment (2005, USA) by The Hall of Advertising on YouTube

According to AdWeek, the commercial was shot in May 2005 -- the year Mr. Trump and Melania married. 

The commercial starts with an evil scientist explaining his masterplan of taking Melania's character's voice and switching it with the Aflac Duck "to tell the world the benefits of Aflac with sex appeal."The ad ends with Melania with the duck's voice and feet. 

Melania Trump, then a fashion model, told Adweek in the week leading up to the ad's air date, she was "excited" about making her first appearance as an actress. 

"I am very excited to make my acting debut in the latest Aflac commercial," she said. "Donald is known for saying 'You're fired'; maybe I will be known for saying 'Aflac.'"

A 30-second clip of the brain-swapping commercial was uploaded on YouTube. 

On Wednesday, Mr. Trump welcomed a group of American taxpayers to talk about how the administration's tax plan has impacted them directly. The meeting with the workers followed Mr. Trump's first State of the Union address Tuesday evening, where he praised the passage of the tax measure. 

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