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Meghan McCain on whether she'll vote Democrat in 2020: Joe Biden "could be very healing for the country"

Andy Cohen has a way of getting stars to let loose on "Watch What Happens Live." However, it was a viewer question that prompted Meghan McCain to open up about the 2020 presidential election.

When a viewer called into the Bravo talk show on Tuesday night, she first buttered up McCain, saying she was her "favorite Republican ever." Then the caller, a Democrat, asked McCain if she would possibly vote Democrat in 2020 presidential election.

"I get asked about this all the time and I will say — and I'm just going to leave this like this — Joe Biden and I, everyone knows, are very close," McCain said. "And I love him dearly and I think he is a truly decent, wonderful human being that could be very healing for the country."

"And I hope he stays true to the politician he as always been," McCain added about Biden, who has been close to the McCain family for some time and gave the eulogy at Senator John McCain's funeral.

Will Meghan McCain Vote for Joe Biden in 2020? | WWHL by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on YouTube

Meghan McCain, the conservative co-host of "The View," has been vocal about her dislike for Mr. Trump and her appreciation of Biden, who comforted her on-air when her father was dying from brain cancer.

When she said during the 2016 election that she would never vote for Mr. Trump, curious Twitter users, of course, pressed her on who she was casting a ballot for. She replied that she voted for Evan McMullin, who ran as an independent.

If Meghan McCain is a registered Republican, she won't be able to vote for Biden in the primaries (both her native Arizona and current home of New York don't allow primary voters to cross party lines). She'll have to wait until the primaries are over, and if Biden becomes the nominee, then she could vote for him in the 2020 presidential race.

Biden comforted McCain on "The View" after her father, his friend Sen. John McCain, was diagnosed with glioblastoma.  "The View"

During her "WWHL" appearance, McCain also explained her recent walk-off on "The View." Cohen asked about a clip of McCain walking off set last Friday after a fight with co-host Ana Navarro. "You seemed extra over it — with the audience, sometimes with the ladies," Cohen said.

McCain said the audience is often combative and the booing and heckling is a lot to deal with every day. As for her arguments with the other co-hosts, McCain said "vibe-wise" she's very comfortable with the other women on the show.

"The walking off footage, we are told by producers to leave the table if it's too heated," McCain explained. "And I get touched up backstage with my makeup, so that's what I was doing. And I've done that many times over the years."

Cohen joked that she was like a "real housewife" walking off during a reunion show — a common occurrence in the Bravo universe. McCain responded, "'The View' can be like the housewives sometimes."

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