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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry break tradition, angering media

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry break tradition
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry break tradition, angering media 06:36

The world is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Britain's newest royal. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are another day closer to welcoming their first child.

Last spring, about 50 million people tuned in to watch the Duke and Duchess of Sussex say 'I do.' For many, Markle – an American bi-racial divorcee – symbolized a modern and refreshing addition to the royal family.
The couple has taken a different approach to royal life. Earlier this month, the palace announced the couple's plans for the upcoming arrival of their firstborn would remain "private," meaning no pictures on the hospital steps after the birth of their child – a tradition Prince William and Kate and Harry's parents have embraced.

"The fact they decided not to is obviously a defiant gesture saying this is our private act. So that has definitely upset people a lot," said CBS News contributor Tina Brown, author of "The Diana Chronicles."

Among those upset? "It has really, really angered the press," Brown said. "I'm not so sure that was the greatest of moves in terms of the whole perception and popularity, but on the other hand, this is a very private event. She's allowed to do what she wants after having the baby."

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry aren't the first to buck royal baby traditions 04:22

According to Brown, the press "have always believed the royal boys are theirs" and "felt very protective" of Prince William and Harry. "But again, these boys are not children anymore," she said.

"Now they've got their own agency, and the press don't like it. They want them to still be, you know, theirs," Brown added.

Markle has also opted to pick her own OBGYN doctor instead of the queen's doctors, which Brown said has left some disconcerted.

"[Duchess] Kate didn't do that because Kate always is so perfect. She just did exactly what she was supposed to do. But Meghan, again, she's an independent woman of her own thinking," Brown said.
Though popular, Markle has faced heavy scrutiny in the quick transition to royalty. The 37-year-old television star and philanthropist has been the target of online trolling, racism and rumors of growing tensions within the royal family. The royal family has since announced new "social media community guidelines" to "create a safe environment" on the royal family's social media platforms.

"I think she's done a great job of coming into this immensely difficult situation," Brown said. "And when you consider that when [Princess] Diana came in, she was 20. Meghan is 36. She's an accomplished celebrity already."

Not only is Markle dealing with the media, but she also has to deal with "the awful gossiping, feuding, snaky, vipering, hissing courtiers of the different rival camps" in the palace, Brown said.

Princess Diana also got flak for breaking from tradition, Brown said, whether it was deciding to not home-school her children or taking her baby on royal tours.

"So [Markle is] just moving the needle," Brown said.

The Sunday Times also reported this week that the duke and duchess could live abroad in Africa for three years, offering them "a break" from the U.K.

Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moving to Africa? 03:17
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