Meghan Brown (PICTURE): Florida beauty queen kills intruder with pink gun

Meghan Brown
Personal Photo
Meghan Brown (PICTURES): Beauty queen stops burglar with pink gun
Meghan Brown
Personal Photo

(CBS/WTSP) TIERRA VERDE, Fla. - An intruder was shot dead by beauty queen Meghan Brown after forcing himself inside her Florida home.

The 25-year-old Miss Tierra Verde shot and killed the suspect during an apparent home invasion March 12 in Tierra Verde, Fla.

According to a police report obtained by CBS affiliate WTSP, Brown and her fiance, Robert Planthaber, were sleeping when they were awakened by a knock at the door.

Brown answered the door and the intruder forced his way into the home, attacking her and attempted to carry her up the stairs. She began to scream, prompting Planthaber to rush downstairs.

The report says the intruder then ordered Planthaber to give him money. That's when a struggle began between the suspect and Planthaber.

Brown was able to get away, went to the bedroom for her pink .38 special, and then returned and shot the intruder.

Investigators say the intruder was identified as 42-year-old Albert Franklin Hill. He's been arrested before on drug charges and disorderly intoxication.

Both victims were treated for non life-threatening injuries.