Megan Baumann, High School Teacher, Fired for "Sexual Acts" with Students (Pictures)

(Personal Photo)
(Personal Photo)
NEW YORK (CBS/WVLT) Tennessee high school teacher Megan Baumann has been suspended indefinitely without pay after a school director's letter alleges she had sex with several male students and sent "inappropriate" photos to students' cell phones.

Photo: Megan Baumann

Larry M. Foster, Director of Anderson County Schools, told CBS affiliate WVLT charges of dismissal will be brought against the tenth grade teacher who has been teaching history at Clinton High School since Aug. 2007.

A spokeswoman for the school told the local station that two students went to the school's principal on Feb. 4 with concerns that a fellow classmate had an inappropriate relationship with Baumann.

Photo: Megan Baumann

That same day, she was confronted about the allegations and by noon was off campus. Baumann was suspended indefinitely Feb. 5.

In a letter written to Bauman obtained by WVLT, Foster accused Baumann of "(engaging) in intimate sexual acts, inappropriate texting, inappropriate picture transmissions and other inappropriate conduct of a physical nature."

Foster chastised Bauman, saying, "Your conduct is flagrant, egregious and reprehensible and calls for dismissal."

Allegations towards Baumann have sparked a criminal investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the state Department of Children's Services, according to

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