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Megan Barnes Driving While Shaving! Fla. Woman Arrested After Crash, Grooming "Bikini Area" Say Cops

Megan Barnes
Megan Barnes (Credit: WFOR/Monroe County Sheriff's Office)
CUDJOE KEY, Fla. (CBS/WFOR) Megan Barnes was driving while doing what?!?!

No, the 37-year-old woman wasn't on her cellphone. She wasn't texting, either.

The Florida Highway Patrol says Ms. Barnes was driving while shaving - there's more - driving while shaving her, uh, "bikini area." Well, that's what the cops call it.

It might not surprise you to learn that during Barnes' ride on the razor's edge, she allegedly crashed into the backup of a pickup truck in Cudjoe Key, Fla, according to CBS affiliate WFOR. Then, she and her ex-husband reportedly drove another half-mile before being pulled over last Tuesday morning.

We're told the ex-husband was actually doing the steering -- from the passenger seat, of course.

Patrol officers say they determined that in addition to this bit of "landscaping" behind the wheel, Barnes was already driving with a suspended license, just one day after she was convicted of driving under the influence.

Now, for her apparent adventure with blade in hand, throw in charges of reckless driving, driving with a revoked license, leaving the scene of a crash with injuries, and driving without insurance. The good news, nobody was seriously hurt.

Trooper Gary Dunick, describing what Ms. Barnes was thinking, explained, "She said she was meeting her boyfriend in Key West and wanted to be ready for the visit."

We knew there was a logical explanation.

Story contributed by CBS affiliate WFOR.

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