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Mega Millions jackpot tops half a billion dollars

Lady Luck aids $273M lottery winner twice
Lady Luck aids $273M lottery winner twice 01:38

The Mega Millions jackpot has topped $500 million, the lottery announced Saturday. If won during the next drawing on Tuesday, it would be the eighth largest on record. 

Tuesday's jackpot will be approximately $530 million, the lottery said,  which can be delivered in annual payments or claimed as a one-time lump sum of $307.4 million. It comes after no ticket hit all six of the numbers drawn Friday night. 

Though no one won the top prize on Friday, the lottery said a person in California matched the five white balls and hit a second-place prize, and 28 people hit four white balls and the Mega Ball to win third prize. 

If someone wins the main prize on Tuesday, it will be the eighth largest on record for Mega Millions. The highest amount ever won was $1.537 billion, which a lucky person in South Carolina took home in October 2018.

While nowhere near the South Carolina prize, there have been a few other jackpots in 2022, including a $426 million win in California on January 28, a $128 million win in New York on March 8 and a $110 million win in Minnesota on April 12.

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