Meg Whitman Invests $119 Million in CA Governorship

Election Track
On Sept. 13, Meg Whitman added $15 million to her war chest, bringing the total from her own pocket to $119 million.
Election Track

The battle for the governorship of California is an expensive proposition, at least for one of the candidates. So far, Republican candidate Meg Whitman has spent $119 million of her own, substantial fortune, and has tens of millions in contributor donations on hand. By contrast her Democratic rival, long-time politico Jerry Brown, has spent a few million of his campaign funds, which amounted to less than $30 million as of August.

The former Ebay CEO's personal campaign funding surpassed that of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who spent $108 million of his own money to fund his re-election in 2009.

A new Fox News poll shows the billionaire Whitman leading the long-time politico Brown by 6 percentage points, and Real Clear Politics gives Whitman a 5-point lead at this point.

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