Meeting Aaron

It's not unusual for a teenage girl to idolize a young rock 'n' roll icon. But most fans only dream of meeting their favorite singer, let alone getting invited to his house!

Well, on Tuesday, meet a very lucky young girl who got a surprise invitation to meet Aaron Carter at his family estate thanks to the heartfelt letter her mother wrote The Early Show.

This story begins in the northernmost part of the country, ten miles from the Canadian border, where the Seeber family lives.

But the story unfolds with a trip to the southernmost point of the United States, Key West. Fla, to make a mother's wish come true for her daughter.

"Dear CBS Wish Granters,

This letter is about my 14-year-old daughter Nichole. She's had a rough few months. Her grandmother who has lived with us all of Nicki's life just passed away the beginning of March. Nicki was an angel to my mom, singing to her and holding her hand while she was dying," writes Theresa Seeber.

Nicki says, "Singing to her helped me because she knew it was important to me, and Emily to be what we want to be." Emily is Nicki's best friend.

The girls want to be stars, and for weeks, they've been rehearsing for their school talent show.

Theresa notes, her daughter's dream is to be a singer. "I think she definitely has a shot of being a singer because she's very determined, she's a really determined little girl. I hope it comes true for her."

Nicki says it was her grandmother who encouraged her to follow her dreams. And Theresa recalls conversations her daughter had with her mother. With a big smile she says, "Nicki used to always have long private conversations with her which I wasn't included in."

And many of those conversations with grandma were about boys, including one very special boy, Aaron Carter, a teenage icon.

As she shows her room Nicki says, "As you can see I have like dozens of Aaron Carter pictures all over my room. This is my calendar I got from my grandmother this year before she died .It has all the pictures of him. I think one of my favorites is this one," she says pointing at a picture of Carter.

Best friend, Emily, says for Nicki, "The whole thing is Aaron Carter. She like loves him. She loves to listen to his music."

Which brings us back to her mother's wish:

"More than anything, I would like Nicki to be able to meet her idol Aaron Carter, because she has been my strength during this time," writes Theresa.

So The Early Show flew Nicki and her parents to Florida, telling Nicki they won a vacation in a contest. In Key West, the Seebers enjoyed the caring hospitality of the Doubletree resort.

It seemed like a typical family vacation, at least until the white stretch limo pulled up.

Nicki thought they'd been invited to lunch with some important folks at CBS. That was our story and we were sticking to it!

And then the big surprise, that literally, left a teenage girl speechless.

Once at his house it was only until her mother exclaimed, "Oh my god. Look, it's really Aaron Carter," that Nichole realized she was sitting in Aaron Carter's house.

As he greeted her, Aaron said, "Well, I hate to break the news to you but, she lied to you, this is my compound, this is where I live."

Nicki could hardly believe her own eyes. She says, "I saw him come in, I was like, oh my god! What do I do! I was shocked. I didn't really think that I would meet him."

Next, was a tour of the Carter compound, with Aaron in the driver's seat!

Nicki, recalls, "I went from totally calm to totally nerve wracked. And like, 'What do I do now?'"

He showed her his office, "This is where they made it possible for me to meet you," Aaron said and then he introduced his brother, Nick Carter of The Back Street Boys.

"This is Nichole," he said to Nick.

"It's good to meet you!" answered Nick. But Nicki was speechless.

Theresa says, "She's very nervous around boys, so it was hard for her to talk to him, but she was very excited about it, I know, and she'll remember this forever."

At the end of an incredible day, Nicki's parents thanked Aaron and Theresa encouraged her daughter to give Aaron a hug. "Once in a lifetime," she said.

Then Nicki thanked her mother for a dream come true.

"Thanks for sending in the letter and stuff into CBS News so we that we can come to Florida and I can meet Aaron," she said giving her mom a big hug.