Meet The "Jakes"

Generations of American women have used Glamour magazine columnist Jake as their sounding board about the motives, quirks, likes and dislikes of the average guy. "Jake," however, is not in his 80s — he's the pseudonym of more than a dozen male writers who over the years have taken on the role of big brother and adviser to help steer women through the rocky shoals of romance.

According to the magazine, the Jake columnists over the decades have run the gamut — tall, short, skinny, buff, handsome, adorable and "interesting looking." Some things they've all had in common are a keen intelligence, an interest in helping to decipher the often-bewildering behavior of their fellow men and a continuing fascination with and enjoyment of women. They've also all been single — which bring us to the magazine's dilemma.

Their current Jake — he'll remain nameless, as all Jakes previously have — recently became engaged and, as a married man, he'll no longer be able to relate his tales of dating disasters and romantic crises. Great news for Jake and the future Madame Jake; not so good for Glamour.

The magazine has settled on three candidates to take over the "Jake" column and wants want readers to help find Mr. Right. The three are all quite different in age, background and romantic experience (one is a single dad, which would be a "Jake" first). The Early Show is working with Glamour to introduce these men publicly so readers can cast a vote on to pick the new Jake.

Here are the candidates:

  • Neel Shah, 24, hometown: Port Jefferson, N.Y.
  • Michael Somerville, 34, hometown: New York
  • Adam Stein, 35, hometown: San Diego

    Now that you've met the candidates, you can

    on The Early Show, dispensing advice and answering some very personal questions (see video link at right). And after you've judged their advice-giving ability, go to the Glamour site and pick your favorite. Voting ends on June 13, and the brand-new "Jake" will be revealed on The Early Show in early July.