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Meet the impressive "Human Wikipedia" Steve Ellison

(CBS News) There tends to be physical equivalents of our now-everyday online resources. Instead of Google Maps, there's the nearest gas station attendant. In place of food delivery services, there is a collection of delivery menus. And where there is Wikipedia, there is Steve Ellison...

The impressive feat of knowledge on display was posted by Charles Trippy who writes:

While in Europe I met, Steve Ellison. Steve has a rare gift where he can remember the birth year and death year of any famous person in history! This is not fake, this video is real. Please send this video to everyone you know, let's get Steve on a show to show the world this awesome gift!!

Alright, so while he may not have the encyclopedic depth of Wikipedia, his specialized talent of memory is truly amazing to watch in action and has earned Steve Ellison a big triple-rainbow salute of awe from all of us here at The Feed. And if you'd like to check out more videos by Charles Trippy, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.
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