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Meet Sheryl Crow's Mom

Can you tell if your child is destined for greatness? On Monday, The Early Show begins a series called "That's My Mom," which features stories about how some of America's most accomplished people were raised. Co-anchor Harry Smith got some parenting tips from the mother of a musical giant. The following is his report.

Kennett, Mo., is in the boot heel of the state, way down in the southeast corner near Arkansas and Tennessee. There I found a mom who was justifiably proud of the accomplishments of her daughter in school.

She ran track and was a drum majorette. We all knew girls like this — busy and popular. She was even elected Paper Doll Queen.

"She was pretty conservative and in college she was really preppy," says Bernice Crow.

This hometown girl was destined for a career as a music teacher, but she started singing in bands in St. Louis and then her big break came when she sang backup for Michael Jackson.

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"Yeah, that, that was kind of mind blowing!" Bernice Crow says.

Her daughter, of course, is Sheryl Crow. And though she wants to "soak up the sun," her mom says she had no idea there were inner yearnings to be a rock star.

"I wasn't a kid that, that was dreaming to be on stage," Sheryl Crow says. "It never even occurred to me that that would be part of my future."

Sheryl Crow was raised by musicians. Her mother was a piano teacher and her parents knew when she aimed for the big time, she might struggle.

"She went through a bad time when she was having trouble getting a recording contract," Bernice Crow says. But her advice has always been the same: "Always do the very best you can at what you're doing. And I think she definitely does that. I don't know whether I had a part in that or not. I'd like to think so."

Asked what she likes best about her mom, Sheryl Crow says, "When I tell people about my mom, I think the thing as I've gotten older that amazes me about her is that she's so fair. Even if I decide to go a different direction, she's very supportive, and just an extremely fair person."

"Thank you," Bernice says. "I always love these confessions!"

And pleasing her mom still matters to Sheryl.

"I still care," she says. "I'm still their kid, and I still want them to be proud of me."

There's a big sign in the middle of a field that says, "Kennett, home of Sheryl Crow.

"Well, I can tell you I'm really proud of that sign, and really happy that this is still home to her," says Bernice Crow.

Sheryl Crow gives back to her hometown, too. She helped pay for a new aquatic center and performs free concerts. Some of her outfits are on sale in the attic of a local antique store with the proceeds going to charity.

"That's a really, really cool pair of pants there. Just broken in good," says Bernice Crow holding her daughter's old pants.

There is also a trophy Sheryl Crow won as a teenager by playing the piano.

Asked whether she is more proud of that trophy or the nine Grammy awards, Bernice Crow answers, "I know the agony that went into this one right here (pointing to the piano trophy). I know the labor that went into that one. And maybe I'm proudest of that."

Asking Sheryl Crow what she thinks her mom's answer to that question is, she says, "The trophy for piano, I'm sure!"

But what makes Bernice Crow happiest of all is to see her daughter preparing for a wedding with Lance Armstrong.

At the Presbyterian Church, Bernice Crow was asked if there was any chance her daughter will get married there.

"I don't know. I always thought she might," Bernice Crow says. Would she like to see that? "Well, of course!"

So why not tell Sheryl Crow her wishes?

"So you've brought Harry here to tell me?" Sheryl Crow asks her mom.

"I didn't want to create any pressure," her mom answers with a smile.

Like most mothers who raise a daughter to take flight in the world, Bernice Crow sees her little girl the way she used to be.

"Sometimes I think it's sort of like two different people," Bernice Crow says. "There's the Sheryl, our Sheryl, here, home, and then there's this other famous person."

Bernice Crow is arguably the most popular piano teacher in Kennett, Mo. As for the Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong wedding, there is still no date or location but there is that church in her hometown — and it's available.

Tuesday, tune in for an interview with the mother of a very funny man.

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