Meet guitar prodigy, 8, who wows 'em on the web

8-year-old guitar prodigy Zoe Thomason and her mother, Collette
8-year-old guitar prodigy Zoe Thomason and her mother, Collette

There's a little girl in England who can totally shred - her guitar.

Eight-year old Zoe Thomson has became a Web sensation because she can really play - she's a true prodigy.

Zoe wields her axe for the band called Mini Band.

Her ability to master notoriously difficult riffs, moving her llittle fingers up and down the fret with extraordinary speed -- has impressed music fans worldwide.

She was first catapulted to fame with her take of Metallica's "Enter the Sandman." It has 3.5 million views and counting on YouTube.

The band's performance even got the attention of the heavy metal rockers themselves.

In a video, one Metallica member said, "You guys rock. You guys are very cool. Maybe one day we could work something out, we could come out and open up for all y'all."

So step aside, Slash, and hit the road, Eddie van Halen -- there's a new guitar slinger in town, and her name is Zoe Thomson.

Zoe and her mother, Collette, spoke with "CBS This Morning" co-host Nancy Cordes - and Zoe played a bit for viewers, as well.

To see D'Agata's report and hear Zoe doing her thing, click on the video in the player above. To see the interview, click on the video below.