Meeks Campaign Agrees To FEC Fine

The reelection campaign of Rep. Gregory W. Meeks (D-N.Y.) has agreed to pay a $63,000 civil fine for a series of campaign finance violations, including charging the costs of a personal trainer to his campaign.

In an agreement with the Federal Election Commission released Tuesday, the Meeks for Congress committee acknowledged “using campaign funds to pay for personal expenses of the congressman; misstating financial activity; receiving contributions that exceeded the act’s limits and source prohibitions; and failing to keep proper records of operating expenditures and contributions made to other political committees.”

Among the violations, the FEC found that Meeks’ campaign spent more than $6,200 on a personal trainer for the congressman. Meeks has repaid his campaign committee for the personal trainer, although he and his campaign staffers said he was not aware the campaign was picking up the tab. Reelection campaigns are prohibited from paying a lawmaker’s personal expenses.

Meeks also repaid his committee for more than $9,800 in “vehicle lease payments and repairs” that was found to be improperly charged to the campaign. Meeks could not prove the vehicle was used for any campaign activities.
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