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McStay Family of Four Vanishes Near Mexican Border

(Personal Photo)
(Personal Photo)
FALLBROOK, Calif. (CBS/AP) Joseph and Summer McStay, along with their two boys Gianni,4, and Joey, 3, disappeared almost two weeks ago and San Diego investigators still have no solid leads as to what happened to them.

Photo: From left, wife Summer, sons Joey and Gianni, and husband Joseph McStay.

PICTURES: McStay Family Missing

The family, who lives in Fallbrook, Calif., half way between San Diego and Los Angeles, was last seen February 4. Four days later their car was found abandoned in San Ysidro, a small California town right outside Tijuana, Mexico.

"I don't understand why it was there. I know she didn't like Mexico," Summer McStay's mother Blanche Aranda told CBS affiliate KFMB. "I can't imagine where they are... I have no ideas. Where they would go?"

Photo: McStay children, Joey, 4, and Gianni, 3.

PICTURES: McStay Family Missing

Summer McStay's family had a chance to go through the couple's home over the weekend and says there were no obvious signs of a struggle, but there were signs that Summer had no plans to be gone long. The kitchen had obviously just been filled with groceries, the dogs were left outside with no food and Summer McStay's prescription sunglasses were sitting on a counter.

"She would have taken them because she can't see without her glasses," Aranda said.

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department conducted a check on the family Monday but has not been able to find any of the family members according to a police statement.

Sheriff's investigators scoured the family's home on Avocado Vista Lane on Friday looking for more evidence and found nothing to indicate that an act of violence took place in the home, said sheriff's homicide Lt. Dennis Brugos.

"We are still actively working the case," Brugos said Monday. "We haven't ruled out anything."

If you have information on the case, call Sgt. Dave Martinez at 858-565-5200.

PICTURES: McStay Family Missing

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