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McCullough on "America's Eiffel Tower"

Historian and author David McCullough, R., talks with Morley Safer about the making of New York's iconic Brooklyn Bridge

Historian/author David McCullough, R., proclaims New York's iconic Brooklyn Bridge the Eiffel Tower of America. The National Historic Landmark was the subject of McCullough's second book in 1972 and, with Morley Safer, he discusses the building of the bridge as an extraordinary engineering feat for the 19th century.

Such a symbol of American know-how must be preserved for posterity says McCullough. " [It should last] forever. If we have a civilization wise enough and appreciative enough to take care of it." McCullough is profiled by Safer on 60 Minutes, Sunday, Nov. 11 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.