McConnell Says President Should Get Involved

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said he "doubt[s]" the economic stimulus package passed by the House has a chance of passing as is in the Senate.

On "Face the Nation," McConnell explained that the "Senate is a very different institution" than the House of Representatives and that the majority cannot force bills past the minority.

McConnell indicated that he thinks it is time for President Obama to get involved. "The president indicated that he wanted this to be a bipartisan proposal," the senator said. "I must say I am surely say that I am proud that he is embarrassed by the product that came out of the house."

The leader told Bob Schieffer, "I think we need to exercise some discipline here and I think it may be time for the President to get a hold of these Democrats in the Senate and House who have rather significant majorities and shake them a little bit and say look, let's do this the right way."

Mr. McConnell stressed that any bill he would support must be "timely, temporary and targeted." He stressed that the Republican agenda would focus on the housing crisis and providing tax rebates to middle and low income Americans.

He used examples to stress how expensive this stimulus package is saying, "if you started the day Jesus Christ was born and you spent a million dollars every day since then you still would not have spent a trillion dollars." He added that, "it is more than we have spent on all the wars since 9/11."

Finally, the leader said he thinks a reasonable agreement can be met and that a stimulus package in one form or another will pass and be implemented. Asked about the threat of a filibuster, Mr. McConnell said a super majority is needed but that the bill will be not purposely be held up."