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McConnell says he's waiting for Trump on gun reforms

Fact check: Trump on gun control
Fact check: Trump on gun control 00:33

WASHINGTON — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he's waiting for the White House to chart a path forward on gun violence legislation following another mass shooting in Texas.

Asked about a Senate vote on House-passed legislation to expand background checks for gun purchases, McConnell said, "The administration is in the process of studying what they're prepared to support, if anything." He expects an answer next week.

McConnell says if President Trump favors background-checks legislation and McConnell knows "we will pass it and it'll become law," then he says he'll put it on the floor.

McConnell made the comments Tuesday to radio host Hugh Hewitt.

Mr. Trump has said he wants to work with Congress to "stop the menace of mass attacks," but he's waffled on support for expanding background checks.

After the deadly shooting in Odessa, Texas, over the weekend, Mr. Trump said he's been speaking to lots of people about gun restrictions, but offered no conclusions. 

"Well, I've been speaking to them," the president told reporters. "I've been speaking to a lot of senators. We've been speaking to a lot of House members, a lot of Republicans, a lot of Democrats. And people want to do something. So we're going to see."

"This really hasn't changed anything. We're doing a package, and we'll see what it all — how it comes about. It's coming about right now. And a lot of people are talking about it. And that's irrespective of what happened yesterday in Texas."

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