McConnell Dishes It Out

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, (R-Ky.) had a dish session with reporters today, where he highlighted everything good and bad about the 2007 congressional session.

Listen in…to the highlights:

The minority leader said he was “disappointed” in the session because, “We missed an opportunity to challenge something important. And I recall recommending that Social Security is something that could have been done on a bipartisan basis.”

McConnell said the Republican strategy was twofold: “to use our robust minority of 49 for one of two purposes – either to shape things that we thought were headed in the right direction and there was a possibility of meeting in the middle, or if we thought it was completely inappropriate, to stop it all together.”

He touted the legislation to increase the minimum wage as one Republicans helped shape, asserting that it “would have passed without a small business tax relief package but for Senate Republicans.”

“Senate Republicans were also able not only to prevent a tax increase being part of the energy bill but also to prevent a tax rate increase for those of us in the Southeast who cannot—would not have been able to – meet the wind mandate.”