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McCartney Divorce Could Be Year Away

Heather Mills McCartney, the estranged wife of Paul McCartney, says she has no idea when their bitter divorce battle will end.

One thing's for sure, she told CBS News correspondent Liz Palmer, "There is no settlement, so we'll clear that now, full stop."

That seems to dash recent reports to the contrary.

Asked when the dispute will conclude, Mills McCartney replied, "Ask Paul. It's up to him. I've got no idea. It could be another year."

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She also complained about her treatment in the media, and not just she split with McCartney, saying, "I was ridiculed the whole time I was married to Paul, as was Linda (Paul's previous wife), until the day she died, sadly. As is Yoko (Ono, John Lennon's widow). As is anyone who marries a Beatle. That just goes with the territory."

When the couple broke up, "She was labeled a gold-digger by scathing British media, and publicly dissed by McCartney's children," Palmer said. " Now, Heather is trying to defuse the hostility with high-profile charity appearances, participating in an American television dance contest, and now, championing pigs."

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Mills McCartney went undercover in a pig barn, decrying conditions, calling them "horrific."

It is, Palmer points out, the latest chapter in Mills' crusade for animal rights.

Just a year ago, she was campaigning with then-husband McCartney against a seal hunt.

"I'm so used to ridicule, do you know what I mean?" Mills remarked to Palmer. "People ridiculed me about the dog and cat fur campaign. They ridicule me about everything I do. But it changes laws."

Still, Palmer notes, it's Britain's divorce law and, specifically, how much of Sir Paul's $1.5 billion fortune it will award her that everyone's interested in.

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