McCain's New Anti-Romney Ad

From CBS News' Dante Higgins:

LEBANON, N.H. -- John McCain's campaign has produced another anti-Mitt Romney ad - his second in three days - that may run as early as this week in New Hampshire.

In the ad McCain says on camera, "You know I find it ironic Mitt Romney would attack me on the issue of immigration. This is the same Mitt Romney who called my plan, quote, reasonable. Before I can win your vote I know I have to win your respect. And to do that you know I'll always be straight with you. And on this issue I've learned that we've got to restore trust in government and secure our borders."

McCain campaign senior strategist Charlie Black says it's been sent to television stations in New Hampshire and is one of six completed ads. McCain has made a maximum ad buy in N.H. between now and the Jan. 8 primary and his team will meet to decide when or whether this particular new ad should be run.